Technology We Use

CAESY Patient Education System

CAESY simply explains your various problems and diagnoses, treatment procedures, and alternatives. It employs great computer color graphics, video, and voice. The information is available in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

DIAGNOdent Caries Detection System

Using laser fluorescence, it can detect caries (cavities) in their earliest stages, before they can be viewed on x-ray. This allows us to treat the lesion earlier and preserve and protect tooth structure.

Digital Intra-oral X-rays

DIGITAL intra-oral x-rays use ScanX phosphor plates. Not only do these reduce radiation to the patient, but they are the most comfortable of any digital intra-oral x-ray system. Many patients who have had digital x-rays taken with other digital sensors find them thick, hard, and uncomfortable. The ScanX films are thin and soft.

We also use a digital panoramic x-ray machine that also allows us to view the entire upper and lower jaws with reduced radiation.

Digital Kodak 1500 intra-oral Cameras

We employ these (both Dr. Correia and hygiene staff) to show you what we see. You can view these images on a large computer screen chair side. This will allow you to understand your problems and options more clearly.


Using this brand new technology, we do NOT have to take the unpleasant impressions to fabricate your crowns and bridges.  By digitally scanning your tooth with a small pen-shaped wand, we have all the information necessary to construct your crown .  This cad-cam digital file gets transmitted immediately to our lab .  This technology has shown to provide better fitting restorations. The laboratory employs new "3-D printing" technology to construct the models and dies necessary to fabricate your restoration.

DENCHART Periodontal Software

This voice activated program allows us to digitally record your periodontal pockets. You will view the results on a computer screen chair side, and have a greater understanding of your gum (periodontal) health.

Odyssey Diode Laser

This allows Dr. Correia to remove soft tissue quickly and painlessly when necessary. It dramatically improves the quality of various restorations (crowns, implants, bridges, fillings) where tissue is a problem.

Electronic Claims & Web-based Insurance Information

All insurance claims are filed electronically. This speeds up the processing and will inform us much sooner if there is a problem. We download your insurance information from your carrier's website for each visit. This allows us to inform you of coverage, deductibles, co-pays etc., before you have your treatment done.

 Patient Confirmation System

This allows us to confirm your appointment using e-mail, or text. By logging into our website, you can decide how to be confirmed, check balances, pay bills and view upcoming appointments. You also can search for upcoming open hygiene appointments, and actually make an appointment at our website.